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About Us

-About Culturoot
Culturoot offers what INDIA has to offer to the world. India as we all know is rich in culture,art,Languages,Literature,diverse cloting and ethinic apparels. We offer but a small taste of it all. While browsing our store our customers will get an idea about the rich and diverse history of our nation India.
We at culturoot try to bring ethnic products right from the core manufacturers to the customers. We offer a wide variety in ethnic clothes, artifical jewellery, handicrafts, paintings, musical instruments,etc.

-Our vision
We at culturoot have a simple and clear vision, we wish to spread our Indian tradition all over the world. To do that we recquire a little help and feedback. So be sure to check out our sure and provide feedback so that we can work on our shortcomings.

-Why shop with us
When it comes to quality of these products we at culturoot make it our priority to handpick and parcel the product which are shown in our catalogue in excellent quality. What we offer is what we deliver that is our motto.
Customers often get differnt prodcuts when they shop online, thats not the case with us you can be rest assured. 

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